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After spending the afternoon at Lac du Salagou my girlfriend Rikke and I was looking for a place to eat.

We ended up in the small village Octon and luckily this was the evening of the weekly market! Locals were selling and buying all kinds of stuff to each other, bread, vegetables, wine, and kids were playing around and having fun.

The woman on the picture was selling some very colorful and patterned dresses. She was wearing one herself and as you can see she blends perfectly into the background almost like a camouflage.

I don’t think she sold a single dress but she was having a party just being there!!

At the end of the evening her husband arrived in a car. Then she put all her dresses and hanger racks into the car herself, while her husband remained sitting in the driving seat 🙂

We enjoyed being a part of all this, and of course eating pizza and drinking a fantastic local white wine.

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